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Recent research has highlighted some sectors that are already using drones. In surveillance, for instance, drones can be fitted with sensors and digital imaging to give security personnel a holistic overview of their fields – adding value for human resources and monitoring.

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In addition to consulting, our marketing services include Marketing Consumer Packaged goods and Distribution. - Real estate consulting and property management  - Entertainment - ENERGY CONSULTING and - Project management



Delivering best specialist energy consulting services to meet growing demands


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Delivering best specialist Human resources services to meet growing demands


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Delivering best specialist Management services to meet growing demands


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Delivering best specialist information technology services to meet growing demands

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At the core of this commitment has been our ‘Open-Book’ policy...

Our purpose is to meet and exceed client expectations with satisfactory services that impact positive change. At the core of this commitment has been our ‘Open-Book’ policy, which for contractors and clients means the key financial elements of the commercial relationship are formally disclosed to all engaging parties.

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    We operate from Australia but have different partners in Nigeria, and in a few African countries.